Ella Minnow Pea assessment

In case you are supposed to submit an Ella Minnow Pea assessment quite soon, you'd better get down to writing immediately. There are lots of aspects you will need to work on which is why starting beforehand is the most reasonable solution. 
Speaking about the novel itself, it is written in an epistolary genre which presupposes that the plot is conveyed in the form of letters. The story is not that easy to read, mainly due to the problems raised in the book. One of them is the freedom of speech which is controlled by the authority. Thus, they have the right to decide which letters can be used to speak and which are simply out of use. Obviously, the citizens of Nollop realize how unjust the new laws are. Yet, they have no right to criticize and dwell upon that issue. Therefore, citizens are on the verge of making a very serious decision: remain silent and live a miserable life or rebel in order to achieve what they want and become independent. 
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